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Packed with informative articles, readers solutions, DIY designs, news, book, tool and product reviews, letters, classifieds and details of a wide range of related courses.


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Permaculture Magazine, North America

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Packed with informative articles, readers solutions, DIY designs, news, book, tool, and product reviews, classifieds, and details of a wide range of related courses.
Published quarterly.


Articles In Issue 09:

The Fall and Rise of the Roamin’ Empire

Timothy Sexauer introduces the story of the North American bison and its complex relations with modern human society.

Bringing The Prairie Home

Benjamin Vogt explains why prairie ecosystems are so vital to North America, and how to establish your own native prairies.


Community Scale Permaculture

Joshua Trought shares the ways that D’Acres Homestead is practicing watershed wide culture regeneration.


Wild Plant Profile: Creasy Greens

Juliet Blankespoor teaches us how to identify, harvest, and prepare creasy greens.


Unparalleled Pest Control With Ducks

Laurie Neverman shares the fun of adding ducks to your permaculture plan, and how to put these pest- eating powerhouses to work in your yard and garden.


Heritage Bread & The Golden Ratio

Baker, Michael Hanson, describes exciting new developments in preserving ancient wheat varieties for the health of the land and our guts.


The Art of Plaster

Tina Therrien explains the benefits of building with plaster, how to choose which kind to use,
and where to start when beginning a build.


Why Flowers?

Mikensi Romersa takes us on a tour of the slow flower movement and shares how flower cultivation can be a valuable addition to any farm or garden.


Building & Living in a Tiny Home

Kate Fox shares the process of creating a tiny portable home and how it led her to the lifestyle she’d always wanted.


A Practical Guide to Keeping Geese

Kirsten Lie-Nielsen offers insight into how to raise geese and why they make an incredible addition to any permaculture homestead.


The Neglected Harvest: Acorns

Matt Powers and Bruce Steele explore the immense value of acorns, how to dry them, leach them, process them, and use them.


Letters From An Organic Farm School

Crystal Stevens gives practical advice on farm bed prep, building healthy soil, and organic weed management.


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