Hori-Hori Knife
Reviewed by Burra Maluca

Hori-Hori Garden Knife $29.95 Buy It Here   I fell in love with Truly Garden’s Hori Hori Garden Knife the moment I saw a photo of one. This is exactly what I had been looking for as my go-to tool to grab on my way to my garden. It’s described as a garden knife, but it is basically a high […]

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Being Salmon, Being Human
Reviewed by Maddy Hardland

  Being Salmon, Being Human Encountering the Wild in Us, and Us in the Wild Martin Lee Mueller Chelsea Green Publishing, 2017 384 pages, 6 x 9 inches $25.00   Buy Now!     Being Salmon starts with a wonderful, evocative foreword by Stephan Harding, describing what it means to consciously realize in every cell of our body that we […]

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RE-Generation: Becoming an Earth Guardian
By Sierra Robinson

Youth creating a path to a better future.        Ever since I can remember, I have felt a sense of connection to the Earth. Yet even at a young age I was very aware that things were not right. I could clearly see the destruction, degeneration, and depletion of the world’s natural resources happening around me. So  I […]

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The Evolution of PMNA

As we take time to enjoy the melting snow, the buzzing bees, the sprouting buds, and the harmonic sounds of a rushing stream, we pause to appreciate the beauty and healing power of nature’s transitions. Permaculture is about working with nature, observing her cycles, and mimicking them in all aspects of our lives. When we started this magazine, we took […]

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Amazing Grains with Larry Kandarian
Sustainable World Radio

Larry Kandarian   Larry Kandarian is an organic farmer and ancient grain advocate. In this episode, Larry takes us on a whirlwind tour of Kandarian Organic Farms where he grows over 200 varieties of plants. As you’ll hear in the interview, Larry is a man with a mission- growing the most ancient and nutrient-dense grains he can find and providing the world with […]

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