Interview with Maddy Harland from Permaculture Voices 2

maddy and cass

A year ago I was Maddy Harland’s biggest fangirl. Now we’re in business together. I did this interview with Maddy last year at the Permaculture Voices conference. While I asked her questions, my heart was beating so fast and I was nervous as hell. Because duh, Maddy Harland was still a celebrity to me at that point, someone I looked up to, […]

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Regenerative Agriculture: The Joys of Flerding
By Rebecca Hosking

livestock: sheep

Here we see how ‘flerding’ mimics the wild and why it works better on pasture than a single flock grazing regime. Flerding is also dryly called ‘multi-species grazing’. The idea behind it is simple. Nature is diverse and complex and, unlike in farming, there is never a single or monoculture species. Many folks are aware of monoculture crops in agriculture such […]

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7 Ways to Think Differently
Book Review by Burra Maluca

  Title: 7 Ways to Think Differently  Author: Looby Macnamara Publisher: Permanent Publications Where to get it: Here! Review:  Every time I pick up one of Looby’s books, I’m intrigued by the title but a little dubious about whether the book itself is going to apply to me. This one was no different. “Thinking differently? I’m good at thinking differently. It’s thinking […]

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