Reviewed by Charlie Eckberg

Drawdown By Paul Hawken   Penguin Freedom House April 2017 256 Pages Size: 8.4 x 10.8 in $14.95  Buy It Here     Are you in need of a dose of ‘future hope’? If so, then add Drawdown, The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming, to your must have, must read, must act on list. Drawdown is a […]

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Historic Fruit Trees Around The World With John Valenzuela
Sustainable World Radio

  Learn about the field of arboreal archaeology and why historic fruit trees are important in this interview with John Valenzuela. John is a Permaculture Teacher, Designer, and Horticulturist who specializes in tropical permaculture, rare fruit, and ethnobotany. In this episode, John talks about the benefits and resilience of trees, fruit history, what to look for in choosing fruit trees for your […]

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Applying permaculture principles to your social business and more, with the founders of La Botica Verde
Abundant Edge Podcast

  This podcast was originally posted on Abundant Edge, here.   Play Podcast Here: Welcome to a very special session of the Regenerative Round Table. Though Jeremy Fellows is away on a road trip through Mexico on his beloved bus sunny, we’re joined by two great friends and social entrepreneurs, Giuliana Gobbato and Michelle Sultan, founders of “La Botica Verde” who […]

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The Abundance of Less
Reviewed by Erin Humphrey

The Abundance of Less By Andy Couturier North Atlantic Books August 2017 432 Pages Size: 5.9 x 9 in $19.95  Buy It Here   The Abundance of Less holds a prominent place in my permaculture library. A revised version of his 2011 publication, “A Different Kind of Luxury,” this book still maintains the same curious intimacy and timeless quality of the […]

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DIY Bee Houses: Habitat for Native Pollinators
By Rick Valley

  By now most folks have heard a lot about Honey Bees being in trouble. They’re not the only ones, though. There are thousands of bee species out there. Melittologists, the scientists who specialize in bees, are having a more difficult time finding them. This is not a good situation: most insects are not harmful to us, but rather are […]

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A Permaculture-Inspired Community of Practice
By Travis Tennessen

The Community Engagement Fellows are working together to design projects and partnerships that enhance student learning. Applying permaculture design ensures classes, courses and more are efficient and effective.   It’s a Tuesday morning in March. Sunlight pokes through the grey Pacific Northwest sky above Bellingham, Washington. The rain has stopped, for now. Folks trickle into the conference room, propping bike […]

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Farm From Scratch
By Peter Allen

Starting a Regenerative Farm From Scratch: Starting a farm is a difficult and life-consuming task. It’s more than an occupation. It’s a lifestyle, it requires constant attention, focus, endurance, and perseverance. Starting a farm from scratch goes a step further, it requires the expense, uncertainty, necessary mistakes, and sacrifice of building up a working farm, but without the land, equipment, […]

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The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook
Reviewed by Lorenzo Costa

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook By Douglas Barnes New Society Publishers September 2017 192 Pages Size: 7.5 x 9 in $21.45  Buy It Here   When we study permaculture design and regenerative systems, we learn from the beginning that everything, from roads, access and structures at the bottom line are related to water. We deal with water to limit erosion, to […]

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The Neglected Harvest: Acorns
By Matt Powers

  With 41 million Americans facing hunger currently, the search for solutions is constant – all but a scarce few are overlooking the abundant yet neglected harvest many communities fail to see outside their doorsteps despite their very real hunger. America’s acorns could be feeding millions – directly and indirectly. Acorns have long been eaten by people and animals all […]

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