Our Team

Cassie Langstraat

Editor & Publisher
cassie (AT) permaculturemag (DOT) org


Cassie Langstraat is Co-founder, Editor and Publisher of Permaculture Magazine, North America. She herself has a fire in her soul for all things permaculture, literature, and feminism. For the last few years, she helped cultivate the largest permaculture forums on the internet, and now she’s proud to be working in the permaculture publishing world. When she isn’t vehemently writing or poking around in her garden, she enjoys reading heady philosophical novels and eating sandwiches.





Lisa Berry

Creative Director, Graphic Designer

lisa (AT) permaculturemag (DOT) org


Lisa Berry is the founding graphic designer of our magazine. She is responsible for the look of the magazine; the design and layout. She also does our print and digital advertising, and social media as well as managing the website.  Lisa is a longtime sustainability devotee and loves to hike, garden, and spend time with her new baby daughter and her family at large, who are all over the U.S. She finds herself traveling a fair amount when she’s not working at home in Hudson Valley, NY, to places such as South Florida, Asheville NC, and Northern California.  She was once a raw vegan chef and now enjoys cooking for friends & family whenever possible.



Tim and Maddy Portrait

Maddy and Tim Harland

Founding Editors


Maddy and Tim Harland started Permaculture, Britain in 1992, along with Permanent Publications, a publishing company that  produces the world’s most innovative range of permaculture books. They are based at The Sustainability Centre, an organization that practise and promote sustainability as a process of making decisions which balance economic, social and environmental factors for positive benefit.