“You Are What You Eat”
Song By Formidable Vegetable Sound System

permaculture music

Here is a little taste of the amazing Formidable Vegetable Sound System:     Download the song at: http://music.formidablevegetable.com.au Written by Formidable Vegetable Sound System in celebration of the 2015 International Year of Soils. Promoted by the United Nations: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAVAtNEzD… Animated by Bigfish: http://www.bigfish.tv Song written by Charlie Mgee, Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan Recorded by Michael Barker at Twisty Pole Studios […]

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Report From the Underground
Paul Stamets 2014 Bioneers Keynote Speech

paul stamets

The renowned mycologist and genius discoverer of immunological and bioremedial properties of mushrooms Paul Stamets unveils his latest breakthrough research. Since our emergence from Africa, mushrooms have represented a thread of knowledge – critical for human survival as medicine, fire portability and the regeneration of forests. His latest epiphany is MycoHoney, made by bees that sip mycelium droplets, which prolongs […]

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Highway Permaculture

high way permaculture

The Tisdale Food Forest is an Up With Trees and Brady Heights partnership for noise reduction, beautification, food, education and more.   This food forest is located in Tulsa, OK and provides good food and jobs to a community where both are a bit scarce. Check out their great installation of highway permaculture here: Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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100 Days of Growing Food

justin rhodes chickens

Justin Rhodes has become quite the famous permie these days. It all began with his amazing film, Permaculture Chickens. Since then he has given away tons of great FREE content on raising chickens in a permaculture way. More recently however, he has taken to the ‘Tube. People loved his films so much they requested he start a youtube channel. He obliged. […]

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The Soil Story
By Lauren Tucker and Aria Mclauchlan

pedro diniz farm 2

The Soil Story is a snapshot look into the power of healthy soil that eats up carbon and get our climate back into balance. It’s the account of nature’s best hidden innovation: soil. Learn how we can “sequester” (store) carbon from the atmosphere, where it is not doing so much, and bring it back into the earth, where it belongs, through regenerative agriculture, composting, and […]

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Watch The BBC’s Visit to ‘Stunning’ Forest Garden
A visit to Maddy and Tim Harland's Forest Garden

flower meadow

Maddy and Tim Harland, founders of Permaculture magazine, were featured on Monty Don’s ‘Big Dreams Small Spaces’ on the BBC. In it, they give a tour of their own forest garden and explain some of it’s purposes and functions.     This snippet from the program takes you around Maddy and Tim’s multifunctional forest garden in Hampshire, in the UK. It has a beautiful […]

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Interview with Maddy Harland from Permaculture Voices 2

maddy and cass

A year ago I was Maddy Harland’s biggest fangirl. Now we’re in business together. I did this interview with Maddy last year at the Permaculture Voices conference. While I asked her questions, my heart was beating so fast and I was nervous as hell. Because duh, Maddy Harland was still a celebrity to me at that point, someone I looked up to, […]

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