RE-Generation: Becoming an Earth Guardian
By Sierra Robinson

Youth creating a path to a better future.        Ever since I can remember, I have felt a sense of connection to the Earth. Yet even at a young age I was very aware that things were not right. I could clearly see the destruction, degeneration, and depletion of the world’s natural resources happening around me. So  I […]

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The Artist in Action: Mavis Muller
By McKibben Jackinsky

Using Art In Defense of the Planet, People, and the Future   Born in Alaska’s streams and rivers, sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) spend their first years close to home before taking to the Pacific Ocean. 2-8 years later, led by magnetic and celestial orientation, a sense of smell, and a circadian calendar, they return to their natal waters and one […]

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Growing Paw Paw From Seed
By Michael Judd

  The golden rule to growing a paw paw tree from seed is to never let the seed dry out. So, when you have just finished the exquisite experience of eating a delicious paw paw, you place those seeds either right in the ground where you want to grow a tree or in a ziplock bag that gets put in […]

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Companion Planting Myths and Realities
By Robert Kourik

In the 1970s I really wanted to believe in companion planting as represented by Rodale Press and others. And I did. Until, I looked for the science to back up what turned out to often be anecdotal information. Luckily there’s been some important research in the time since. There are many definitions for “companion planting.” The one I prefer is: […]

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Permaculture Perspectives at the Supermarket
By Natalie Varrallo

It is certainly no rarity to come upon the “organic” tag in supermarket produce sections across the whole of the United States. And while the term itself rightfully connotes healthy and intelligent life choices, it remains among the most misunderstood phrases related to the food industry. For despite their many positive attributes, organic farming methods and the produce that they […]

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Aquaponics: Growing a Bright Future!
By Clayton Garland

Turn a Passion for Permaculture into a Profession The story of how one young man is turning his passion for permaculture into a profession feeding people.   Realizing my system would require some financial capital to get started, I decided to experiment with crowd fundraising, and created a Kickstarter campaign. After a successful 30 day campaign, I had enough funds […]

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Learning to Live with Wildfire Through Forest Restoration
by Tracy Katelman

Suggestions on how to prepare your home and surrounding forests to cope with forest fires.   I live in California where learning to coexist with wildfire is becoming an ever more present reality.  In December of 2017, the Thomas Fire of Southern California became California’s largest fire in recorded history, and “Red Flag Warnings” are in effect for many northern […]

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Learning Pathways
By Delvin Solkinson

The best decision I ever made was to take a Diploma in Permaculture Design after completing my Permaculture Design Course (PDC). This process has inspired me to continue the adventure of learning and applying permaculture to my own life and work. The Diploma was first established at the Permaculture Institute in Australia and was met with great support by PDC […]

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Beavers: Nature’s Ecological Restoration Agents
By Heidi Perryman & Michael Callahan / By Timothy Sexauer

Photo by Cheryl Reynolds/ Worth A Dam The many benefits of beavers By Heidi Perryman & Michael Callahan Most people only become aware of beavers when they are a nuisance, but did you know that biologists classify beavers as a Keystone species? Beaver ponds create wetlands which are among the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world. They increase plant, […]

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