DIY Varnish: Linseed & Bees Wax
By Chris Baldwin

beeswax varnish

Trying to find a varnish that doesn’t involve loads of toxic ingredients? Picture this: Linseed & Beeswax. It’s perfect to use for window or door frames! Over the last couple of years we’ve been renovating our cottage using as many simple and permaculture informed solutions as possible. We have been repairing doors and windows – and to date, have not had […]

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Greetings From the Editors!
By Cassie Langstraat and Hannah Apricot Eckberg


  Hello North America!   It gives us great honor and a deep sense of purpose to be editing and publishing the new Permaculture Magazine, North America. Along side each other, we will be doing our damndest to bring North America a magazine and website dedicated to helping the Permaculture Movement grow. After 24 years of publication out of England, […]

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Bill Mollison: The Birth of a Global Movement

bill mollison

About a month ago, our mother magazine posted this acceptance speech by Bill Mollison, here. We just wanted to re-post it because of the immense value it holds to all of our community, even over here in North America. In 1981, Bill Mollison, the co-founder of permaculture, won the Right Livelihood Award. This is his acceptance speech. It explains his motivations, how […]

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Benefits of the Common Mallow (Malva sylvestris)
By Chris Hope

mallow flower

The common mallow (Malva sylvestris) has a range of medicinal and food uses, and can be found across the globe, from Asia to Africa and Europe. In fact, it is often found in backyards and other places where the soils have been disturbed.  Some plants seem to be our constant companions, no matter where we live. Often, they will also […]

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Industrial Solar, Wind, & Water Power: Are they really sustainable?
By Matt Powers

solar panels

Green Washing is the practice of advertising and framing a product or a company as environmentally conscious. In many ways the environmentalist movement has been co-opted by the traditional industries in this way. Almost all forms of “green energy” are not environmentally sound in practice when the entire energy audit is taken into account. Solar, Hydro- & Wind power all […]

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Regenerative Agriculture: The Joys of Flerding
By Rebecca Hosking

livestock: sheep

Here we see how ‘flerding’ mimics the wild and why it works better on pasture than a single flock grazing regime. Flerding is also dryly called ‘multi-species grazing’. The idea behind it is simple. Nature is diverse and complex and, unlike in farming, there is never a single or monoculture species. Many folks are aware of monoculture crops in agriculture such […]

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