Preparing Your Farm For Winter
By Crystal Stevens

EarthDance Farm is a biodiverse teaching farm, demonstrating innovative no-till and small-scale market gardening techniques to the community. In each issue of PMNA, we are chronicling our journey and giving practical advice along the way. Fall Farm Prep Fall is a busy time of year on the farm. The autumn bounty is ready for harvest; the last remaining seeds of […]

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Make Your Own Herb Dryer
By Tony Buck

Over the years I’ve found the moist plants like tomatoes and peaches need to dry in 36 hours to prevent mold problems – so I use an electric dehydrator for those. Herbs are less fussy and can take longer, but they still need some protection whether they’re drying indoors or out. So I came up with this design for a […]

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Rearing Rabbits
By Eric and Callene Rapp

  Thinking about adding rabbits to your farm venture? Raising rabbits can be a wonderful addition to a sustainable farm business, or a means of providing healthy meat for the home table. There are many advantages to keeping a rabbitry. If you are health conscious, rabbit offers meat that contains very little fat and almost no cholesterol. It contains the […]

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Permaculture In Universities
By Kat Zimmer

The University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies building, with its living green roof, several patio gardens with sumac and maple trees, strawberries, roses, and lawns of native meadow mix.  Grey water is used for watering.   In permaculture, we always look for ways to scale-up our beneficial impact. When it comes to growing the movement, one of the most […]

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Zone Zero: An Introduction To Cordwood Building
By Rob Roy

Since 1976, my wife Jaki and I have worked with cordwood masonry. In 1980, we began teaching it at Earthwood Building School in northern New York and around the world.  There is a pattern of common questions we have observed over the years that anyone interested in learning more about this creative building technique might find of interest. Here are […]

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The Sioux Chef
By Hannah Apricot Eckberg

When Sean Sherman prepares a meal, he does more than just combine flavors, he is reconstructing and revitalizing his indigenous heritage, and the implications stretch far beyond the reach of the dining table. The new cookbook, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, offers more than just delicious recipes – it offers empowering historical, cultural, and environmental lessons that may hold a […]

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Sheep in Permaculture
by Raven Ranson

  I am a fiber farmer. I have grown flax and cotton, retted nettles, raised wild silk moths, combed rabbits, wrangled llamas, and bribed alpacas. If it can be made into cloth, I’ll grow it. But, my one true love is sheep. Sheep are more than sweaters on legs though. These woolly jumpers fit well into a holistic farm. They provide […]

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Humanure How-To
Excerpt from Being the Change by Peter Kalmus

How to compost humanure In composting humanure, microbes do all the real work. Humanure requires no fossil fuels and less than 5% of the water used by flush toilets. I follow the system Joseph Jenkins describes in his Humanure Handbook. The toilet is a bucket under a standard toilet seat mounted on a plywood box. You can build one in […]

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The 100 Mile Diet
Excerpt from Changemakers by Fay Weller & Mary Wilson

  Vicki tells the story of community gardens that weren’t functioning well when she arrived on Mayne Island: I like to garden, and the circumstances of where I was at when I came over to the island didn’t allow me to do that. There was a space over at the community center, but it was very poorly set up. The infrastructure was […]

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Historic Fruit Trees Around The World With John Valenzuela
Sustainable World Radio

  Learn about the field of arboreal archaeology and why historic fruit trees are important in this interview with John Valenzuela. John is a Permaculture Teacher, Designer, and Horticulturist who specializes in tropical permaculture, rare fruit, and ethnobotany. In this episode, John talks about the benefits and resilience of trees, fruit history, what to look for in choosing fruit trees for your […]

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