The Politics and Practice of Seed Saving
By Candace Addleman, UC Santa Cruz’s Demeter Seed Library

  Politics 10,000 years ago, humankind discovered the magic of seeds. We determined the hardiest plants, saved their seeds, and planted them. Agriculture emerged. This knowledge of plants and seeds has been passed down from generation to generation, becoming an integral part of every culture and society. Through this evolution a diversity of seed saving practices emerged, protecting rich varieties […]

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Banking On The Future: The Seed Library of Los Angeles
By David King

  The Seed Library of Los Angeles was founded in 2010 in response to the approval of genetically modified seeds, often called GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), by the Obama Administration who authorized more GMO laws than previous administrations. Outrage about these policies led to despair in the urban agriculture circles of Los Angeles, California. Despair gave way to anger. Finally […]

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The ABCs of Seed Saving
By Dan Jason

  Seed saving can be the biggest act of self-reliance and autonomy that one can do. Here Dan Jason, founder of Salt Spring Seeds, offers ways for everyone to become seed savers. If you are thinking of the future, then you should be thinking of seed saving. Now that you are thinking of seed saving, here are a few inspirations […]

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How to Set Up a Beehive At Home


An apiarist is somebody who maintains beehives for their honey and other products like beeswax, pollen, and more. Beekeeping has been around for centuries. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the first depictions of humans collecting honey from wild bees dates back 15,000 years! Interestingly, the technology used today isn’t all that different from what our ancestors used. Most beehives still […]

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Aussie Ecological-Ukulele-Electroswing Tour:
Charlie Mgee's Formidable Vegetable Sound System

​ Quite possibly the only act to promote the joys of organic gardening through banging electronic dance beats and a ukulele, permaculture troubadour Charlie Mgee has today announced plans of his fourth Formidable Vegetable Sound System world tour from May-July to the USA, UK and Europe which features some huge shows, including Glastonbury Festival (along with Radiohead and Foo Fighters), SEED Festival (with Rising Appalachia) […]

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