The Agriculture of Hope: Climate Farmers of North America
By Seth Itzkan, Karl Thidemann, and Steven Keleti


This article was originally published in Issue 06 of PMNA.   “A lot of farmers are being educated about the capacity of soil to sequester carbon. It gets them excited to think that they can contribute to a reversal of climate change.” – Kate Duesterberg, Farm Manager, Cedar Circle Farm, Vermont A new and growing movement is inspiring farmers to produce […]

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DIY Bulk Mushroom Mycelium
By Peter McCoy


Mushroom expert Peter McCoy offers advanced advice on how to make your own mycelium for your homestead mushroom cultivation projects.   This article was originally published in Issue 02 of PMNA.       Correction Note: On page 47, images 1 and 2 should be swapped.

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Successional Planting Spreadsheet Tool
By Dylan Graves


After reading an article in Pip Issue 6 (Australian Permaculture magazine) last week on pages 38-42, about how to plan planting of food so that there is an on-going harvest instead of periodic gluts and then scarcity, I got inspired. Evita and I are both poor at keeping a notebook/diary of what is planted, where, and when. And we’ve had the feast […]

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