Travel Tips: An India Primer For The IPC
A Brief Introduction for Permies and Other Responsible Travelers

india permaculture

Many people are starting to make their plans for the next International Permaculture Convergence(IPC), which will happen from 25th November to 1st December, 2017 in India. There are a few things you might find interesting to know beforehand – especially if you’ve never been to India before.   In the following series of articles, Rico Zook and Nina Osswald will offer […]

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The Slow Development Movement
By Hugh Kelly

The Indian economist and Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen, has defined development as: a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy. (Sen, 1999) The idea that people should be free from food insecurity, malnutrition, poverty and lack of opportunity are the true roots of most development projects.   How to achieve these goals is more controversial, as is the […]

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Scythe Blade Care: The Peening Process
By Ian Miller


Through mowing and honing, the edge of the blade slowly wears away. When you are no longer able to get it as sharp as you would like and it doesn’t hold its sharpness for long, it is time to peen. Peening is the rejuvenating of the cutting edge by cold hammering it against an anvil to draw more material to the edge and harden it. […]

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