The Pattern Legacy – Interview with Adam Brock

pattern legacy

Interview with Adam Brock, author of “Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation.” By Willi Paul Studio/       Willi: How is our preoccupation with screens and instant gratification working a pattern? Adam: I think our addictions to screens and instant gratification are great examples of behaviors that stem from our ten-thousand-year hallucination of separateness. […]

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Interview with Susan Silber, NorCal Community Resilience Network & Circle of Collaborators


Interview with Susan Silber, NorCal Community Resilience Network (NorCal Network) & Circle of Collaborators. By Willi Paul Studio/ * * * * * * *     What is the vision, mission and goals for the NorCal Community Resilience Network? What have been some of your successes? Some of your learnings? The mission of the NorCal Community Resilience Network […]

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Notes From The Field: Editor Blog 2

  This month I returned to the Garden Island of Kauai. Four years had past since her sweet warm air and thick white sands had last caressed my skin. It felt like a homecoming; wonderful to see many old friends, make new ones, and have that feeling of Ohana, or family, once again in this tropical heaven.   While many […]

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The Pacific NW Fire Ceremony – Kindling New Stories

Blog Series: We have crafted and tested deep community tools and visions to support the permaculture and transition movement and it is now time to join together to build a just world, neighborhood to neighborhood. Prelude Foundation and Philosophy of Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School Four Directions Prayer The Fire Ceremony Ritual Interview with the Spirit * * * * […]

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Notes From The Field: Editor Blog 1


  I awoke this morning at one of my favorite places. This is a place where I spent much time as a kid, and fortunately some as an adult as well. It is the closest place I know of that still feels like home. Far from the city, and hard to get to, the remote nature of this land fills […]

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