The Pattern Legacy – Interview with Adam Brock

pattern legacy

Interview with Adam Brock, author of “Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation.” By Willi Paul Studio/       Willi: How is our preoccupation with screens and instant gratification working a pattern? Adam: I think our addictions to screens and instant gratification are great examples of behaviors that stem from our ten-thousand-year hallucination of separateness. […]

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Notes From The Field: Editor Blog 2

  This month I returned to the Garden Island of Kauai. Four years had past since her sweet warm air and thick white sands had last caressed my skin. It felt like a homecoming; wonderful to see many old friends, make new ones, and have that feeling of Ohana, or family, once again in this tropical heaven.   While many […]

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The Pacific NW Fire Ceremony – Kindling New Stories

Blog Series: We have crafted and tested deep community tools and visions to support the permaculture and transition movement and it is now time to join together to build a just world, neighborhood to neighborhood. Prelude Foundation and Philosophy of Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School Four Directions Prayer The Fire Ceremony Ritual Interview with the Spirit * * * * […]

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Notes From The Field: Editor Blog 1


  I awoke this morning at one of my favorite places. This is a place where I spent much time as a kid, and fortunately some as an adult as well. It is the closest place I know of that still feels like home. Far from the city, and hard to get to, the remote nature of this land fills […]

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