Build a Better Vegetable Garden
Reviewed by Kristen LaBonte


Build a Better Vegetable Garden

30 DIY Projects to Improve Your Harvest

Joyce Russell

Frances Lincoln, 2017

172 pages, 8 x 10  inches



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This project-based book gives step-by-step directions on how to complete 30 garden projects. It’s an empowering read with useful tips on how to make your “fruit and vegetable garden a more productive, efficient, and attractive place.”

In addition to the projects, the book has sections on tools and materials. There are practical tips for gardeners embarking on a project such as marking out straight lines, drawing curves and shapes, cutting and trimming, leveling, assembling structures, and more. There is a glossary with terms and an extensive index as well.

Each project comes with a list of parts of what you will need along with estimated hours to complete, a level of difficulty, and step by step directions with photographs. Materials are measured in the metric scale, but imperial measurements are also noted. As part of reviewing this book, I created the double compost bin and slightly modified plans to use typical wood cuts of the imperial scale. It was easy to create and is durable and a beautiful addition to my garden.