We Rise
Reviewed by Sierra Robinson

We Rise

The Earth Guardians Guide to Building a Movement That Restores the Planet

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Rodale Books, 2017

240 pages, 6 X 9 inches



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It is the inspiration, excitement, hope, and urgency that comes through this book that will engage, empower, and inspire a movement of people to step up and stand together in solidarity for the future that we believe in. A future which is safe, sustainable, and just.

In this time of deep confusion, anger, disparity, and chaos, people of all ages are searching for information and hope that they need to move forward. From politicians, to farmers, activists, artists, children, and families – everyone can get something from this book.

We Rise is an in-depth overview of the state of the planet, highlighting some of the most critical defining issues of our time and explaining how climate change encompasses all of these problems. Covering everything from how we eat, what we wear, and how we live our daily lives, you learn about the hidden truth behind some of the biggest industries on the planet.

Readers will learn that these problems facing the world are not only a huge environmental threat and crisis, but also are human rights issues. This book is a call to action filled with solutions, resources, and clear steps you can take in your own community to start implementing change.

It got me thinking and aware that we as human beings can either be one of the most destructive species on the planet or an incredible healing force. After finishing this book I felt inspired, educated, and motivated to start creating change in my own community. I also became more aware that we are running out of time and there is no better time to act than now!