The Wild Potential of Mycology with Peter McCoy, Author of Radical Mycology: 052
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Today we’re gonna take a deep dive into the wide world of mycology and fungi with Peter McCoy, the author of Radical Mycology and founder of Mycologos, a new online educational platform for courses on mushroom and fungal cultivation and knowledge. Peter has been studying mycology for more than 16 years and is one of the foremost educators and promotors of the potential of fungi.

In this interview we explore some of the many practical and exciting applications of mycelium such as building healthy soil, reviving contaminated sites and polluted ecosystems, medicine and nutrition, transforming waste products and even biological batteries!

Peter is a wealth of information and does a remarkable job of making the deep and intricate world of mycelium approachable and easy to understand for the layperson (a category that I certainly fall into). I hope this episode inspires you and opens your mind to the incredible potential of fungi like it did for me, so I’ll hand things over now to Peter McCoy.



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Radical Mycology


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