Tom Ward Hazel Interview: Permaculture Perspectives on Wildfire
Earth Repair Radio

This podcast was originally posted here, Earth Repair Radio.


In this episode we explore wildfire with renowned old growth Permaculture teacher and practitioner, Tom Ward, also known as Hazel. With the combination of climate changes and historic forest management, wildfires have reached a new level of threat and explosiveness. But not all wild fires are bad, and in fact, fire is an important element to healthy ecological functioning. So how can we tell a good from bad fire? How did we get to this point? What are some strategies and practices that address this precarious ecological situation that people living in fire-prone ecosystems now face?

As someone who lives deeply local on the land in combustible Southern Oregon and who uses controlled burns to manage a landscape, Hazel provides the answers and reveals many truths about fire management history, current conditions, and reveals a visionary perspective on where to go from here with regards to forest management and climate change adaptation.



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