Our 1-Year Anniversary

A few days ago, we took a break from the bustle of magazine production to get some fresh air. We ended up just laying in the grass for awhile, not saying much, just soaking everything in. It was one of those perfect spring days – where the sun is so close to being too hot, but since there is a perfect cool breeze, you can sink into ultimate comfortability.
The realization of spring’s arrival lead us to contemplate what a long and dark winter it was. As in any ecosystem, certain things completely die in the winter, but most things come back to life. That simple fact is worth focusing on and celebrating! It is time to honor the return of the sun, the life-giving light, and to emphasize moving forward on a positive path. Speaking of moving forward, June marks the one-year anniversary of our first issue of Permaculture Magazine, North America (PMNA)! This professional milestone occurs just after we reach the personal milestones of our 25th and 40th birthdays! It is truly a time for celebration, as well as reflection. We are asking ourselves essential questions. What has worked well for the publication and in our personal journeys this past year? What would we like to explore and possibly do differently? Where would we like to be by our next anniversary? These are crucial questions whose answers will help steer us through the unpredictability of life and business.

As we reflect, we take the time to acknowledge the people without whom PMNA would not be here. The founders of our mother magazine in the UK, Maddy and Tim Harland, celebrate their 25th year of publishing Permaculture, International this year. Without their extensive knowledge and kind guidance, we would have never even began this adventure! Back home in North

America, our small team of dedicated talent has been fundamental in helping us make it this far. Thank you, Lisa, Charlie, Sabre, and Bonnie.

However, it is you, our readers, subscribers, advertisers, and contributors that have truly helped this massive effort get off the ground. You give purpose to our work: to share permaculture’s system of solutions with the world.

As we prepare for year two, we look to grow in exciting directions. PMNA recently joined a program called PrintReleaf, which is the world’s first platform to measure paper consumption and generate reforestation through a global network of tree-planting projects. This issue will result in 55 new trees being planted, and that number will increase as our distribution grows.

Additionally, our website will host a new bilingual section with stories from Latin America as well as an international section to showcase stories from Africa and other dynamic permaculture projects occurring around the world. As Whole Foods, Patagonia, and other stores expand PMNA’s reach, we will invite a wider audience to apply permaculture to their lives and in their communities.

As always, we seek your input and participation in creating a path we can walk together, as we share positive solutions and spread light and hope amongst all who need it. During these challenging times, let us be a global team focusing on the regenerative solutions that intersect all aspects of life.

May the coming summer months bring you the time, means, and inspiration to do the things that nourish you. May the sun shine upon your face and warm your heart. May the blooming life provide a little more light on the path ahead.