The Permaculture Student 2
Reviewed By Darren Doherty

permaculture student


The Permaculture Student 
By Matt Powers
Permaculture123 Publishing, 2016
374 pages
11 x 8.5 inches
$50 print/ $30 ebook/ $65 both



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With the Permaculture Student 2 Matt Powers completes a great service for the younger minds of the planet. Others, especially those new to land management, will also find it very instructive, useful, and easy to read.


This expansive text successfully pulls together the broad scope of topics that the permaculture methodology attaches itself to. Matt has done a great job of distilling often complex information and knowledge. This approach will provide an excellent springboard for readers that seek a deeper dive.


Matt has drawn from an impressive list of peers and editors. With chapters detailing the principles of permaculture, Matt lays the foundation before diving deeper into strategies for various climates, explores the world of fungi, aquaculture, invisible structures, and other components key to grasping the world of permaculture.


Above all else, Matt brought his ability as a fun communicator to the forefront while maintaining an integrity toward the important information that purposeful minds need to understand as we navigate a more regenerative future.


Darren J. Doherty teaches permaculture around the world and runs with his wife Lisa Heenan.