“TREES EAT US ALL” – Tribute to Bill Mollison
By Formidable Vegetable Sound System

The passing of Bill Mollison in the fall of 2016 has left a big void in the world. However, his insight and dedicated work has left a legacy that will continue to bring positive change to the world through those he inspired. Charlie Mgee and his band is amongst those. Here he is with Hugo the Poet and the Formidable Vegetable Sound System and the North American premier of Trees Eat us all, a dedication to Bill Mollison. – PMNA

I never met Bill personally, but a couple of weeks before he died, I received word from his daughter, Fran that he’d been laughing and singing along to the Formidable Vegetable CDs I’d sent him a few months earlier. This was truly humbling to hear and when he began his journey into compost, I figured the least I could do to honor this man’s life was to write a song for him (with emphasis on his famous dislike of lawn). Thanks for getting this Permaculture ball rolling, Bill.
– Charlie Mgee


“As a wannabe poet I’m constantly inspired by everything the world around me. But when I hear robust reports that the world around me – all that fascinating stuff that constantly inspires me to write and create – is under threat of destruction by humanity’s own actions, it becomes important to get inspired by things that might stave off that destruction. It just so happens that permaculture is one of our last best hopes to do that. So it’s an incredibly inspiring topic!

And I have to thank Charlie for opening up that field for me through his music. He’s perked up a lot of eyes and ears to this amazing discipline, co-pioneered by the late great Bill Mollison. So, Charlie’s really the test case for how music can help get people into a subject like this. I think it’s wonderful that he’s using music so effectively to teach folk, and he’s proving that the knowledge goes into even the most jaded of noggins a lot better when it’s combined with wit, jaunty melodies, and butt-shaking glitch beats. We should let all the teachers in high school know!

I’m delighted that we managed to hook up this collaboration finally, even if the subject matter is somewhat sombre. And I hope very much that it will contribute to getting an even larger audience interested in this global solution of Permaculture – which is not only practical and tested, but is also, crucially, optimistic – rather than apocalyptic – in its overall outlook, meaning that unlike the more dour global solutions posited to our great problems, it’s attractive, fun and encouraging… and that’s truly inspiring!”
– Hugo the Poet.