An Abundant Future

A few months ago I had a powerful personal experience. During this past year, my anxiety issues escalated to an all-time high and my heart was struggling big time from it. I was trying so hard to cultivate self-love while actively trying to fix all of my problems because I didn’t want to be stagnate. I wanted to grow, I wanted to improve. My mind raced, trying to understand why I felt like this. I was doing everything right. I was working hard to love myself. Why wasn’t it happening?

One morning I considered all I’ve accomplished in the last few years. I thought about everything I’ve done for myself. Wait a minute, I thought, people don’t do the things I’ve done without loving themselves. Whoa, I thought, it’s been there all along, just clouded by my focus on the difficult parts of myself that I did and still do, need to work on. I had latched onto those parts and mistook them to be my entire identity. But I realized something that day, I am so much bigger than my parts. I am a whole person, with multitudes of eccentricities, characteristics, and identities; most of them good! This shift in focus rearranged my consciousness and even changed the way I think about environmental activism and politics.

Here in the U.S., we’re in a presidential election year, which seems to grow more chaotic every day. Meanwhile, our mother magazine is witnessing the UK dealing with their own political mayhem. My friend said to me the other day, “The world is on fire Cassie, and it needs acknowledgment.” I agree. But here’s the thing. Like the difficult parts of myself that I realized were just a fraction of me, these world problems, however big they appear, are only a small part of existence as a whole.

I listened to an interview of Larry Santoyo the other day and he talked about how abundant the future is. This is quite the radical statement when scrolling through your fear-mongering Facebook newsfeed. He encourages us to look at how the Permaculture Movement has grown in such a short time. He tells us to look around and see how many people are on our side. And he’s damn right! Think about the many permaculture sites popping up all over the world. At this very moment, there is so much to be excited about and thankful for – and we must focus on this. Just look at all of these stories we have to share. People are integrating permaculture principles into their businesses, consciously farming and regenerating the oceans, and even cultivating mycelium! My point is this: there is SO much good happening in the world right now, and I feel so honored to be able to highlight that, and share it with you.

  • Cassie Langstraat


Wow, we made it through our second issue! I am excited to begin working on our third. One of the many, meaningful lessons I am learning with this endeavor is,“Magazine publishing is never ending work!” But that’s alright with me; I believe PMNA is worth the effort. Thank you to all who have been part of this amazing adventure!

I want to send a very big “Thank You” to everyone who had faith in us and in permaculture and signed up for a subscription or advertisement before our first issue was even available. We had very encouraging feedback and comments, so thank you for that.

Our intent is to be like a permaculture garden – to grow and evolve over time. We want to teach and inspire, and to provide the essential tools to support each other during challenging times.

In this, our second issue, Peter McCoy takes us further into the world of fungi; Dr. Elaine Ingham takes us deep into the soil food web; and Bren Smith, InGrain, and Stuart Willson each demonstrate how business and permaculture can make a positive impact in the world.

In this edition, we start a new section, Recommendations… fun, enjoyable things that we think you would like to know about. Please, send in your Recommendations, so we can learn from each other. On that note, please let us know what permaculture topics you would like to explore further, and who would be a good person to learn from, even if that’s you. Please share your events, products, books, and other information so together we can build a stronger Permaculture Community.

Your inclusion isn’t just about supporting this women-owned, independent media project, but also about the hope that permaculture has to offer to the world by sharing a platform of integrative solutions. The days and years ahead may be challenging.Thestrongerourskillsetandoursenseofcommunity, the better we all shall fare. Because of this, permaculture fills me with hope for the future.

Now is the time to imagine the future we really want, and to do all that we can to help co-create it. So learn what you can, share all of your knowledge, and invite everyone you know to join in with us in creating a permanent culture that serves all life.

  • Hannah Apricot Eckberg