PMNA is born!

To those of you who are hearing about permaculture for the first time, we offer you a big WELCOME! To those of you who are seasoned experts, we also offer a big WELCOME! — for this is our premier issue of Permaculture magazine, North America!

It is our intention that everyone who reads this magazine will find inspiration to help create a life that is, as we say, beyond sustainability. For to truly see the shifts in society’s consciousness that are needed to create a sustainable future, we must all play a part in implementing creative solutions. That is what permaculture is all about – creative, inter-connected solutions that based on how nature operates that can be incorporated into any lifestyle.

Last fall while visiting England for the International Permaculture Convergence, the publishers of Permaculture magazine International, Maddy and Tim, asked if I would be interested in collaborating with a dear friend of mine, Cassie Langstraat, to create the North American version of their magazine. It was the greatest honor I have ever received, and saying yes has led to the greatest undertaking I have ever pursued.

My passion for the positive path that permaculture provides outweighs the challenges of self-doubt, hard work, and the long hours necessary to create such a production. Having the opportunity to share these amazing stories with so many people across North America makes the great effort worthwhile.

From the school children at El Monte, to how to grow mushrooms in a home lab, to the inspirational dedication of Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard, I have enjoyed and learned a great deal from this collection of knowledge. And I hope you will as well.

Please join us in this wild new adventure to help spread the solutions that lie in the world of permaculture! We hope this magazine helps the permaculture community in North America grow stronger, and that everyone feels they can be part of these exciting solutions. Welcome to the new Permaculture magazine, North America.

  • Hannah Apricot Eckberg


Some of you may know me as “the smiley one” from my time at, but before that I was an avid writer and journalist. However if we skip back quite a few more years, you’ll find me as a towheaded little rascal running around wheat fields and chasing cows in Montana. While I enjoyed the freedom and fun of farm life as a kid, I never felt super connected to it. In fact, I completely avoided it for a while. I didn’t really grasp the vast importance of land stewardship for quite some time. Not until a few years ago when I discovered permaculture.

Like many others, when I learned about permaculture for the first time, it all clicked and made so much practical sense. I was really into psychology and psychotherapy at the time, so the immense need for human healing that existed in our world was very clear to me. I stayed focused on that, but always kept the degradation of our earth in the back of my mind. Then permaculture bounced into my life and proposed this tremendous capability to radically heal people and the planet at the exact same time! It moved me completely.

Ever since I had that realization, I have felt a responsibility to facilitate and foster this movement. We are doing just that with this new edition of Permaculture magazine because when journalism meets permaculture, we meet social change.

Millions of thanks to Maddy and Tim Harland for trusting us with this beautiful opportunity, and for guiding us through it so incredibly well.

  • Cassie Langstraat