100 Days of Growing Food

justin rhodes chickens

Justin Rhodes has become quite the famous permie these days. It all began with his amazing film, Permaculture Chickens.

Since then he has given away tons of great FREE content on raising chickens in a permaculture way. More recently however, he has taken to the ‘Tube. People loved his films so much they requested he start a youtube channel. He obliged. It’s here. And it’s a hit. So much so that they decided to start a specific journey.  Enter: “100 Days of Growing Food.”

They’re tackling their biggest monthly bill (groceries), and they’re going to see just how much they can grow themselves within 100 days. They’ve got Chickens, Turkeys, Guineas, milk, veggies, fruits, and even weeds. So, they are Vlogging EVERY single day of this adventure on his Youtube channel. Day one was a great start to the adventure: “I wasn’t ready for these 75 chicks”.




This vlog journey pairs practicality with inspiration, laughs, and information. In the “Get These Chicks Outside” vlog, Justin and his family need to get their chicks to start spending their days in the sun (on the grass). He explains how to make a “Porta Brooder” thing to easily move them. Additionally, I particularly enjoy the little recipes/tips that Justin’s wife, Rebekah gives at the end of each vlog! In this one, she explains Breezy Pie, aka Meatloaf with homemade Worcestershire.



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