Interview with Maddy Harland from Permaculture Voices 2

maddy and cass

A year ago I was Maddy Harland’s biggest fangirl. Now we’re in business together.


I did this interview with Maddy last year at the Permaculture Voices conference. While I asked her questions, my heart was beating so fast and I was nervous as hell. Because duh, Maddy Harland was still a celebrity to me at that point, someone I looked up to, a “she”ro, a female permaculture pioneer who had a positive yet feisty yet incredibly insightful outlook on this movement and life in general. And she is still all of those things, but since then she has become one of my biggest mentors, someone I look up to even MORE, and and now my official colleague.

I’m still in shock that we are now so far into this new journey of producing the North American Permaculture Magazine together so all I can do is celebrate that and look forward to everything else that’s to come. So cheers to this movement that connects and empowers good hearted people, and to the events that bring it all together!

Just a warning: this video was made with my extremely crappy videography gear. So bear with the audio quality.