Farm From Scratch

Starting a Regenerative Farm From Scratch: Starting a farm is a difficult and life-consuming task. It’s more than an occupation. It’s a lifestyle, it requires […]



The Evolution of PMNA

As we take time to enjoy the melting snow, the buzzing bees, the sprouting buds, and the harmonic sounds of a rushing stream, we pause […]

Restoring Sustainable Culture

2017 is likely to go down as a year of great change and great loss for many people. Our hearts grieve for the victims of […]

The Problem is the Solution

Happy Fall! Once again we arrive at that beautiful time of year when things start to slow down after a long summer, the bounties of […]


Applying permaculture principles to your social business and more, with the founders of La Botica Verde
Abundant Edge Podcast

  This podcast was originally posted on Abundant Edge, here.   Play Podcast Here: Welcome to a very special session of the Regenerative Round Table. Though Jeremy Fellows is away on a road trip through Mexico on his beloved bus sunny, we’re joined by two great friends and social entrepreneurs, Giuliana Gobbato and Michelle Sultan, founders of “La Botica Verde” who […]

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The Abundance of Less
Reviewed by Erin Humphrey

                The Abundance of Less holds a prominent place in my permaculture library. A revised version of his 2011 publication, “A Different Kind of Luxury,” this book still maintains the same curious intimacy and timeless quality of the original volume, while providing the readers with updated photographs and stories of each of the ten […]

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A Permaculture-Inspired Community of Practice
By Travis Tennessen

The Community Engagement Fellows are working together to design projects and partnerships that enhance student learning. Applying permaculture design ensures classes, courses and more are efficient and effective. It’s a Tuesday morning in March. Sunlight pokes through the grey Pacific Northwest sky above Bellingham, Washington. The rain has stopped, for now. Folks trickle into the conference room, propping bike helmets, […]

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Pretty Enough to Eat
By Stephanie Hafferty

Growing edible flowers adds a vibrant new dimension to your garden and mealtimes. The variety of beautiful colors, textures, and flavors, served with home grown fruit and vegetables brings the entire garden to your plate. Edible flowers have been grown worldwide for centuries, for ceremonial, nutritional, and medicinal uses. They make the most of your growing area, creating a sustainable […]

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Earthbag: The Unique Beauty and Challenges of Domes
Abundant Edge Podcast

This podcast was originally posted on Abundant Edge, here.   Play Podcast Here: My guest today is Kelly Hart, author of Earthbag building which is part of the “essentials series on natural building put out by New Society Publishers. He is also the founder of,,, and a few others. Today we tackle one of the most constant questions […]

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Design Your Own Garden Toolkit
Reviewed by Hannah Apricot Eckberg

  For those new to designing gardens or looking for ways to integrate children into the learning experience, Design Your Own Garden Toolkit offers a creative way to strategize a garden’s look and feel. With 150 full-color reusable cling stickers that can be arranged and rearranged on a provided design board, you are invited  to try different variations of how […]

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Permaculture Where You Are
By D.X. Logan

  Look upon my ‘yard’ in all its desolate glory. Vast fields of carefully maintained asphalt. Borders of green weedy growth regularly sprayed with poison clouds to curl up anything that might try to grow in pots laid out along the sea of gray pavement. Not precisely a permaculture paradise. Okay, so perhaps it is better inside? Small space with […]

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Transitioning While Winter Reigns Supreme

As I write this, there is still snow on the ground in Montana. It has been a record-breaking winter here, and I have welcomed every last bit of it. This has been my first winter back in Montana after living in California for several years, so I was looking forward to experiencing the four seasons again. Ironically enough, it has […]

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Unparalleled Pest Control With Ducks
By Laurie Neverman

  I have become a crazy duck lady. Instead of photos of my kids, I whip out videos of the ducks to show to my bank teller, the chiropractor, and even the guy who came to check out the heating system. How did this happen? This time last year, we were planning for meat chickens and laying hens. Ducks weren’t […]

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